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MUG '01 links

Agenda V

The MUG '01 schedule will be similar to previous years'.
New: Thursday evening poster/demo session with refreshments.

6 Tuesday
introductory &
current release
7 Wednesday
IT oriented
8 Thursday
science oriented
9 Friday
future planning
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room
9:00 Welcome
Yosi Taitz

Dave Weininger

Daylight "101"
Jeremy Yang

Cartridge Intro / Work
Jack Delany

Rashmi Mistry

Common Interface to the Daylight CIS and Relational Databases
Pat McGreevy

10:30 Group Photo

Scott Dixon

Dockit and Magnet
Hanneke Jansen

Classification of Biological Binding Sites for Combichem
Jim Arnold

4.8 plans / Futures
Jack Delany

Platform brawl
Ragu Bharadwaj

http toolkit
Dave Weininger

10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion
11:00 Upgrading to v4.72
Michael A. Kappler

Applications & Toolkits
Michael A. Kappler

Contrib Overview
Jeremy Yang

SMILES Compression
Roger Sayle

MetaSymphony and DayCart
Lewis Jardine

MolMind - An Evolutionary Drug Discovery Game
Michael Almstetter

PDB, Cruft to Content
Roger Sayle

Templates a la Modal
John Blankley

Relocation Clustering
Ed Maliski

Open discussion
12:30 Break at 12:30 for group lunch at hotel.
Computers will be available in the break-out room every day.
2:00 Brief History of Chemical Nomenclatures
John Bradshaw

Biology and Chemistry of Taste and Smell
Klaus Gubernator

New Java Interfaces
Ragu Bharadwaj

Information bridges
Dave Weininger

TJ O'Donnell

A 4GL for Combichem
Robin Hewitt

Yvonne Martin

GADD: GA-based Druglike Database
Jeremy Yang



Hands-on & demos   Bus to Los Alamos (4:00p) Hands-on & demos    
5:00 Free evening   Bradbury Science Museum (5:00)

Banquet at Fuller Lodge (6:00)  

Poster session (7:30p - 9:00p)

Hacker session


Poster session:

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.