Toolkit Tutorial:
Advanced Programming

  1. Introduction
  2. NULL Object
  3. String Object
  4. Fingerprint Object
  5. Program Object
  6. HTTP Object
  7. Conversion Object
  8. Exercises

  1. Introduction
  2. The Daylight Toolkits...

    ... are a set of shared object libraries and header files.
    ... give programmers the power to handle complex chemistry with ease.
    ... use a robust, consistent and well-defined API.
    ... are written to allow cross-platform portability and language-independence.

  3. NULL, String, Fingerprint, Program, HTTP, and Conversion Objects
  4. Object Concept & Example
    The Null Object Concept: The empty object, called NULL_OB, typically indiactes an error condition.
    Example: Erroneous SMILES input.
    String Object Concept: Error messages are contained in a sequence of string objects.
    Example: SMILES errors, all errors, your messages, and the invalid String.
    Fingerprint Object Concept: Graph-based characterization is used to determine similarity between structures.
    Example: Application.
    Program Object Concept: Two-way process communication is an efficient conversation.
    Example: Connection, Conversation, and Application.
    HTTP Object Concept: Web service is as easy as getting requests and putting responses.
    Example: Web Service and Ping.
    Conversion Object
    (available in v4.91)
    Concept: Data is converted to and from Daylight Languages and Thor DataTrees.
    Example: Terminal and Feeder modes.

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