Toolkit Tutorial: Advanced Programming Exercises

  1. Introduction
  2. Program Object
  3. HTTP Object
  4. EXTRA CREDIT - Code Review

  1. Introduction
  2. In these exercises. you will use program objects with...
      ... Fingerprint.
      ... Computed Log P (ClogP).
      ... Computer Molar Refractivity (CMR).
      ... Daylight Properties (DayProp).

    and make an HTTP service with...
      ... Canonical SMILES.

  3. Program Object
  4. Exercise: Compile the program object application from the tutorial and execute the program without options. Try the examples shown.

  5. HTTP Object
  6. Exercise: Go to the "Contrib" HTTP directory, make the canonical SMILES application, and execute the program as a web serivce using the following commands:

    Point your browser to http://localhost:8080 and use the web service to communicate via HTTP to the Daylight Toolkit.

  7. EXTRA CREDIT - Contrib Index
  8. Review the source code for:

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