User Education Resources - Daylight Summer School

Daylight user education goals:

  1. Friendly, easy to use "software experience".

  2. Happy, productive users.

  3. Happy, productive Daylight Krewe.

  4. Open communication. Empowered users. Knowledge.

Daylight user education considerations:

  1. User education is essential and expected.

  2. Documentation, support and education go hand in hand in hand.

  3. Forms of documentation:

  4. Network and publishing technology:

    'State of the art' - versus - 'Lowest common denominator'.

  5. "Self-documenting software", myth or fable?

  6. Daylight is small.

  7. Daylight's software and customers are diverse.

  8. "If you give a man a fish..." (educational efficiency issues)

Summer school considerations:

  1. "Intro to Daylight" novice course most useful/requested.

  2. Compromise between needs of "users", "administrators", and "programmers".

  3. Class-size based on computer resources, size of facilities, and size of Daylight staff

Summer school course design:

  1. Web-based, for convenience and self-paced study.

  2. Three parts:

  3. Classroom and hands-on computer lab balance.

  4. Published on WWW for distance-learners.

Evaluation of Summer School 1998:

  1. Student feedback very positive, but not unanimous.

  2. Novice course not for everyone. General course not for everyone.

  3. Course design ok (provisionally).

  4. Rooms were too small for 20 students.

  5. Dormitory rooms unpopular!

Class of 1998


  1. Summer-school 1999 is planned; still "Intro to Daylight" only.

  2. Possibilities:


Daylight Chemical Information Systems Inc.

Jeremy Yang
EuroMUG 1998