Interfacing to Plugin from Java

CDPHelper can be used by Java applets to access API exported by the plugin. It must be subclassed to tell it how to handle errors.

CDPHelperSimple is a subclass which delegates errors as text messages to an applet.

CDPHelperAppSimple is an applet with no UI that we'll use to export this functionality to JavaScript.

It's used like this:

<APPLET WIDTH=10 HEIGHT=0  <-- The height is 0 because this applet has no user interface. --> 
NAME=Fred  <-- We'll use the name "Fred" to refer to it from JavaScript. --> 
CODE=camsoft.cdp.CDPHelperAppSimple  <-- This is the name of the applet class. --> 
ARCHIVE="camsoft.jar">  <-- Netscape Navigator 4 will look for the Java classes in a JAR (Java ARchive) file. -->
<PARAM NAME=ID VALUE=1234>  <-- The same ID is passed to the Java applet and the Plugin so that, if there's more than one plugin on the page, the applet controls the right plugin. --> 
<PARAM NAME=CABBASE value="">  <-- Internet Explorer 4 will look for the Java classes in a CAB (cabinet) file. --> 

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