EMBED parameters

SRC="file.cdx" TYPE="chemical/x-cdx"  <-- In Netscape, SRC and TYPE parameters determine which plugin is launched. One or the other must be specified.  

In Internet Explorer, TYPE is ignored, so SRC must specify a CDX file in order to launch the ChemDraw Plugin.  

Additional data, or data in other formats, can be specified with the DATAURL parameter. --> 

PLUGINURL="http://server/plugin.jar"  <-- These optional parameters specify the page to go to if the plugin is not installed, or the URL of a JAR file containing the plugin with which to install it. --> 
HEIGHT=150 WIDTH=400  <-- The height and width must be specified. -->
DATAURL="file.mol"  <-- Additional data in other formats can be specified with the DATAURL tag. For example:  
  • Simple relative URL: somefile.mol
  • CGI-based lookup: "http://server/cgi-bin/getmol?ID=12345"

  • Inline data: "data:chemical/x-daylight-smiles,C1CCCC1" -->
<-- The ID tag identifies this plugin instance for reference by a CDPHelper object. --> 
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