Derwent Publications
World Drug Index
Authoritative index for marketed and development drugs

Derwent Publications maintains this drug database of almost 80,000 drugs and pharmacologically active compounds, including all marketed drugs. WDI also contains over 200,000 synonyms, 78,000 trade names, 7,300 International Nonproprietary Names, 8,300 US Adopted Names, 28,000 journal and conference references, and more, including manufactures and extensive medical data, such as indications and usage, interactions, adverse effects, mechanism of action, and activity keywords.

WDI is available in DayCart®/Oracle import format and in Daylight's TDT format for THOR/Merlin users.


WDI is licensed on per-user and on an annual subscription basis.

  • Daylight Database Software release 4.7x or later
  • Requires approximately 325MB of disk space