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Chemical Databases

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Who is ISI ?

Chemical Products

The ISI Database: Growth in 1996

Selection of Chemical Information

Chemistry Data

ISI “Chem” Production Cycle

ISI Chemists

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What is Index Chemicus ?

Why Chemists Need Index Chemicus

Index Chemicus’97

Index Chemicus Features

Selection Philosophy

Compound Selection Criteria

Data Sources

Index Chemicus Data

Index Chemicus Overview

Index Chemicus Sources

Index Chemicus Sources (cont’d...)

Index Chemicus Coverage

Index Chemicus International

Index Chemicus Statistics

Index Chemicus Products

Index Chemicus Print

Index Chemicus on CD-ROM

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Index Chemicus’97: Better than Ever

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Why Chemists Need Reaction Databases

Current Chemical Reactions Features

Data Sources

Information Abstracted

Selection Philosophy

Reaction Selection Criteria

Current Chemical Reactions Sources

Current Chemical Reactions Sources (cont’d...)

Representation of Reaction Data (%)

CCR: A Look Through the Years

Statistical Summary

Delivery Modes

Current Chemical Reactions Print

ChemPrep (CCR on CD-ROM)

Current Chemical Reactions on ISIS/REACCS

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