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Help for Daylight's Hyperthor database interface.

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Hyperthor is a THOR database interface tool which allows HTML data retrieval from Daylight databases through a web browser.

Hyperthor has three types of HTML pages: The database specification page, Datatree selection (query) pages and Data Display (output) pages.

Database specification page

The entry page into Hyperthor enables database specification. Hyperthor automatically recognizes the htpp server, daylight server and databases accessible to the thorserver. Select a database from the menu and "Open database" from the "Action" field.

Datatree selection page

In the Datatree selection field select an ID type from the ID type menu and enter an ID value in the ID value field. Then select the Action "Look up datatree(s)". Below is an example of a Datatree selection page for "o-bromophenol" from the "medchem97" database with the http and daylight servers running on the machine "ultra".

Data display selection page

Hyperthor from the example above should now display a Data display selection field. The "Display" menu options are dependant on the query. For the case of o-bromophenol the Full datatree has 59 items, the Common datatypes contains 53 items, LogP table has 42 entries and pKa has 3 entries. Selecting the "pKa (3-row table)" and "Display data" Action will give the following Hypertablet outputpage: