Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


thordestroy - destroy a Thor database

Unix Synopsis

thordestroy [options ...] database


thordestroy destroys a THOR database, completely and (unless you have a backup) without possibility of recovery. This program should be used with caution.

A database cannot be destroyed if it is in use, or if it is marked "HOLD" (see thorserver(1), thorchange(1), sthorman(1)). Normally, you should wait until all users close a database before trying to destroy it; dayevict(1) can be used in "urgent" situations.

The database name must be complete including a full directory path from the root of the host machine's file system, e.g. /thordb/mydb or $DY_THORDB/mydb.

The manual page for "thorfilters" describes features common to this and all "thorfilter" programs; refer to it for more information about this program and the syntax of "database".


Specifies whether the user is to be prompted with an "Are you sure?" message. A value of "DONTASK" means the database is to be destroyed without any further confirmation from the user. A value of "ASK" means the user will be asked for confirmation before the database is destroyed. Default is "ASK".

The following options are common to most or all "thorfilter" programs. They are described in more detail in thorfilters(1).


TRUE means don't allow passwords on the command line (require interactive entry). Default: TRUE.
Names the default TCP/IP service or "port" of the Thor server. Default: thor.

Return Value

Return status is zero if the database is successfully destroyed, or one if not.


thordestroy '$DY_THORDB/mydb'
Destroys the database 'mydb' (in the server's directory $DY_THORDB). The server's and database's executive passwords are obtained interactively, and the user is asked to confirm that the database should be destroyed.
Destroys '/thordb/mydb', but doesn't ask for confirmation. The server's and database's executive passwords are obtained interactively.



Daylight License

programs: thormanager

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