Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


thordelete - delete TDTs from a Thor database

Unix Synopsis

thordelete [options] database [infile]


thordelete deletes Thor Datatrees (TDTs) from a Thor database via a Thor server, and reports on the number of deletions actually made.

The TDTs to be deleted are specified by infile; if it is not specified, standard input is used.

If the input is a SMILES file, each line of the input file is taken to be a SMILES string; the TDT with that SMILES as its root is deleted from the database. If the input file it is a TDT file, TDTs are read from the input file and the root identifier of each TDT is extracted; the TDT with that root identifier and datatype is deleted from the database. Note that TDTs without a SMILES root (i.e. those for which no structure is known) can only be deleted using the TDT input format. Also, for a TDT input file, note that ONLY the root identifier is of any significance; all other data in the input TDTs are ignored.

If the option INPUT_FORMAT is not specified (see below), the input file's format (TDT or SMILES) is determined from the file's suffix (.smi or .tdt, respectively) where possible. If the suffix is unrecognized, or if input is from standard input, the file is assumed to be a SMILES file.

The manual page for "thorfilters" describes features common to this and all "thorfilter" programs; refer to it for more information about this program and the syntax of "database".


Specifies whether the input file is a SMILES file or a TDT file.

The following options are common to most or all "thorfilter" programs. They are described in more detail in thorfilters(1).


TRUE means don't allow passwords on the command line (require interactive entry). Default: TRUE.
Names the default TCP/IP service or "port" of the Thor server. Default: thor.
The interval (number of TDTs) between minor reports. The minor report is a period "." printed on "standard error". N = 0 suppresses the minor report. Default is 10.
The interval (number of TDTs) between major reports. The major report prints the number of TDTs processed and the number of errors so far, followed by a newline, to "standard error". N = 0 suppresses the major report. If both MINOR_REPORT and MAJOR_REPORT are zero, summary information that is normally printed at the end is also suppressed. Default is 500.

Return Value

Return status is zero if the operation succeeds, and one if it fails. Failures include a failure to open the database or input file, illegal options, and other initialization problems. Attempting to delete a non-existent TDT is not considered a failure.


thordelete mydb@dbserver < input.smi
Opens the database "mydb" on the server "dbserver" with write permission; passwords are obtained interactively. Deletes any TDT with a $SMI root whose SMILES occurs in the file "input.smi".



Daylight License

programs: thormanager

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