Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


sthorman - tty-oriented Thor/Merlin management

Unix Synopsis

sthorman [options]


sthorman is an interactive, serial-terminal-oriented program for managing Thor and Merlin servers and databases.

sthorman initially prompts you for the machine on which the server is running, and which server (Thor or Merlin) to use. Once connected, you are presented with a hierarchical menu that allows you to reconfigure servers, build and reconfigure databases, and check on the status of servers and databases, or switch to a different server.

sthorman has a "script" mode that records a session, and a "batch" mode that will "replay" a session. This allows you to repeat certain activities easily.

On-line help is provided. Almost any time that sthorman is waiting for input, you can enter "?", which causes sthorman to print a specific help message explaining the particular question it is asking you.


-SCRIPT filename
Puts sthorman in "script" mode. In script mode, everything you do is recorded in a file, which is suitable for input in "batch" mode (see the "-input" option, below). In script mode, several restrictions apply. In particular, there are no default choices to questions, and you must name all databases explicitly. This is to guarantee that the script will work the same each time it is used, even as the number and names of databases change.

"filename" is the file into which the script is recorded. If it is "-", then standard output is used.

-INPUT filename
Runs sthorman in "batch" mode, taking its commands from "filename". The file should be one produced by the "-script filename" option (above). If "filename" is "-", standard input is used.
When "-input filename" (above) is specified, causes sthorman to discard normal output rather than printing it. Ignored otherwise.
-HOST machine
Specifies the default machine. You are prompted for the host; this only controls the default choice.
Specifies the default service. You are prompted for the service, this only controls the default choice.



Daylight License

programs: thormanager

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