Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


merlinls - ask a server to list its databases

Unix Synopsis

merlinls [options] [servername ...]


merlinls connect to one or more Merlin servers and ask for all "known databases" (databases in the server's search path). If no servers are named, the current host is used.


The keyword ALL indicates that all databases are to be shown. Normally thorls will not show datatypes and indirect-data databases (those whose names end with "_datatypes" and "_indirect", respectively), and merlinls will not show databases that aren't loaded into memory.

The keyword LONG causes more information about each database to be printed.

The keyword STANDARD causes database names to be printed in the standard form, e.g. db@host:service, usable as input to other programs. The default is to print database names in a more readable indented form.


The following options are common to most or all "thorfilter" programs. They are described in more detail in thorfilters(1).


TRUE means don't allow passwords on the command line (require interactive entry). Default: TRUE.

Return Value

Return status is zero if the listing succeeds, or zero if it fails.



Daylight License

programs: merlin (for merlinls)

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Daylight Theory Manual, Daylight System Administration Manual


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