The Languages of Daylight

Date Language and... Toolkits (4.5x) Applications (4.5x)
1983 SMILES Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System introduced (at EPA by David Weininger) SMILES, etc. All!
1984 SMILES Canonicalization algorithm makes Thor possible. SMILES, Thor, etc. Thor, Merlin



Recursive SMARTS

SMILES ARbitrary TargetS introduced, subgraph pattern language, superset of SMILES SMARTS, Merlin Merlin
1986 TD T Thor Data Trees introduced Thor Thor
1987 Fingerprints Fingerprints and their ASCII encoding makes Merlin possible. Fingerprint, Merlin Merlin, MCL
1989 Isomeric SMILES Stereoisomeric and isotopic SMILES introduced. SMILES, etc. Thor, Merlin , etc.
1990 C port (4.1) allows arbitrary length SMILES (>512)
1990 Daylight Toolkit API - Stable toolkit function libraries.
1993 Chuckles
Combinatorial chemistry tools introduced. SMILES, Monomer Thor, Merlin
1994 MCL Merlin Control Language Merlin MCL
1995 CEX Free CEX tools from CEX consortium.    
1996 Reaction SMILES Reaction SMILES introduced SMILES, Reaction Thor, Merlin
1996 DayPerl DayPerl contributed by Alex Wong and Chiron.
1996 HTML/CGI DayHTML and DayCGI tools introduced. DayCGI Thor, Merlin, custom apps
1998 Daylight Java Tools introduced.

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