Daylight Summer School 1998, July 28-30, St. John's College, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - Starting and killing the servers

There are two Daylight database servers, Thorserver and Merlinserver. They must run continually to provide access to databases to users via client programs. They may be started and killed directly by the Daylight administrator, or via scripts, or automatically at boot/shutdown.

Starting and killing servers manually:

  1. Log in as the Daylight administrator, the owner of the databases. If your Daylight environment is ok, $DY_ROOT is defined and $DY_ROOT/bin is in your path. Then just enter:

    thorserver &
    merlinserver &

  2. Check the log files for errors. If the environment variables $DY_THOR_LOG_FILE and $DY_MERLIN_LOG_FILE are not set, these files will be in /tmp.

  3. Test the servers by accessing databases via client software.

  4. Determine the process IDs for each process from the log files. (Another way is to use the ps command.)

  5. Kill the servers with:

    kill <thorpid>
    kill <merlinpid>

Starting and killing servers using a script:
  1. By using a script, we can start the Thorserver and Merlinserver with one command, ensure that the correct Daylight environment is used, and load databases. The script START_DCIS_SERVERS is provided for this purpose. Edit the script to ensure that local directories and databases are specified correctly, and invoke it.


  2. The KILL_DCIS_SERVERS script assures that databases are closed and users evicted before killing the servers. Since it is possible for a database to be corrupted by killing the Thorserver when a database is opened-writeable, this is a key feature.


Starting/killing servers automatically at boot/shutdown:
  1. Simple instructions are provided in the scripts for invoking them at boot and shutdown.

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