Computer Orientation

  1. Introduction
  2. User Accounts & Passwords
  3. Daylight Software
  4. Web Server Configuration
  5. Installed Software & Files
  6. Introduction Exercises

  1. Introduction
  2. Laptop computers are provided to everyone. They have been preconfigured with software and have access to the internet via DHCP.

  3. User Accounts & Passwords
  4. Laptops have the following user accounts with password "coffee":

  5. Daylight Software
  6. Each laptop has Daylight software v4.83 is installed at /usr/local/daylight and the Daylight environment is setup upon login with a command like the following:

    You can verify that the environment is setup by checking the value of DY_HOME (/usr/local/daylight) or DY_ROOT ($DY_HOME/v483). A Daylight license for the duration of Summer School is located at $DY_HOME/dy_license.dat. Software users & blank passwords for users thor are set in $DY_ROOT/etc/dy_passwords.dat. Daylight services are configured in /etc/services. In summary, the following items are configured:

    Oracle is installed and configured. DayCart installation will be covered later.

  7. Web Server Configuration
  8. The Apache webserver is installed and configured with the following items in /etc/http/conf/httpd.conf:

    DayCGI is configured and the environment script that runs each time a CGI is uexecuted is $DY_ROOT/daycgi/ The dayhttp Directory settings require Apache v2.0 or higher.

  9. Installed Software & Files
  10. The GCC compiler, and Perl and DayPerl scripting languages are installed. Files for course materials are available via ftp://mug@mugserver.

  11. Introduction Exercises

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