Daylight Documentation Resources

  1. Introduction
  2. Daylight Website
  3. Daylight HTML Documentation ( DayHTML )
  4. Contributed Source Code ( Contrib )

  1. Introduction
  2. Daylight Website
  3. Resource Notes / Content Description
    Home Page Recently revised and reorganized to make resources more accessible.
    About Contacts Sitemap Partners Press Sales
    Learn Tutorials, Publications & Presentations
    Download  Download the Current Release , Previous Releases or Contributed Source Code and see the Supported Platform List, Release Notes and READMEs.
    Products  Descriptions of Daylight products, Daylight-based Partner applications and Databases.
    Support  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs ), Licensingquestions
    Events  Upcoming events such as MUG and EuroMUG user group meetings and SummerSchool training, plus full archives of previous user group meetings.

  4. Daylight HTML Documentation
  5. Resource Notes / Content Description
    DayHTML Documentation Is included on the Daylight Website at
      Is included within the software distribution at $DY_ROOT/dayhtml/doc/
      Is easily configured to be served on your local intranet.
    Theory Manual Full specifications of Daylight languages ( SMILES, SMARTS ), fingerprints and reaction processing
    Installation and Administration Guide Instructions for new and patch installations, THOR Database Concepts THOR database Anatomy Networking: Client & Servers Thor Server Merlin Server Server and Database Security THOR Database Administration Merlin Pool Administration Sthorman Thorfilters
    Reference Manuals "Man Pages" divided into several sections: Applications(1), Functions(3), Objects(3), Misc(5)
    Are accessible from the command line after including $DY_ROOT/man/ in the $MANPATH shell environment variable.
    Toolkit Programmer's Guide The original and most complete Toolkit instructional manual. Includes sample code and explanations of basic and advanced Toolkit functionality.
    DayCart Manual Daylight/Oracle Chemistry Cartridge
    Application Packages CLOGP, CMR , Clustering , DayCGI, JavaGrins , MCL , XVMerlin, PCModels, Print Package, XVThor, RUBICON, Widgets

  6. Contributed Source Code
  7. Resource Notes / Content Description
    Contrib Directory Is included within the software distribution at $DY_ROOT/contrib/
    HTML Index Script Creates an HTML file which lets you browse distribution Contrib program titles, descriptions and source code locally:
    $DY_ROOT/contrib/make_index -html > $DY_ROOT/dayhtml/contrib_index.html
    Contrib Web Page Download Toolkit wrappers ( e.g. Java, Perl and Python ), applications ( e.g. Java Molecular Editor and Clusterview ), data ( e.g. NCI structures & screening data, Sigma database , SMARTS database )