Daylight Summer School

Lab: DayCart Installation

This lab will guide the user through a Daycart installation.

Oracle installation:

A vanilla Oracle installation, with starter database, was performed on each laptop. The Oracle userid has "coffee" as it's password. The "sys" and "system" userids have "secret" as their passwords. The basic Oracle installation parameters are:


There are scripts in the /oracle/utils/ directory which can be used to start and stop the database instance:

UP - starts the database and network listener
DOWN - shuts down the database and listener
LISTEN - starts only the network listener
STARTUP - starts only the database
SHUTDOWN - stops only the database
extdemo0.sql - a modified script which prints out results from explain plan.
over - prints out the instance name of any running database

Daycart installation:

Follow the Daycart Installation Instructions.

Licenses for the machines are available from the ftp server "mugserver", as user mug/coffee. The file daycart_license.dat includes licenses for all of the machines, by hostid. Get the file, find the license for your hostid, and then use that license during the installation.

Run the verification script ($DY_ROOT/dcischem/TEST/run_tests) and make sure that the installation is correct.

Dayprop installation:

  1. Edit $DY_ROOT/dcischem/ Verify the environment variables.
  2. Test it by running from the command line.
  3. Move it into an Oracle-owned directory (eg. /oracle/progob/).
  4. Edit $DY_ROOT/dcischem/dy_props_create.plb. Change the path in the "CREATE LIBRARY" command to match the location from the previous step.
  5. Execute dy_props_create.plb from SQLPlus as user c$dcischem.
  6. Verify it with:

    select atom_count('CCC'), 'atom_counts('C.CC.CCC') from dual;

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