Daylight Summer School 2002, June 5-7, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - DayCGI programming

The Daylight system has integrated web capabilities which allow access to Daylight tools via web browser. The "DayCGI toolkit" is not a rigorously defined API as is the dt_ function libraries, the true Daylight Toolkit. Rather, DayCGI programming means combining an assortment of Daylight and non-Daylight tools to deliver Daylight database and computational services via the web.

  1. This exercise consists of installing and configuring the daybase.cgi web application described and downloadable from First find the web page and download required files as specified. Read the instructions provided in the comments of daybase.cgi.

  2. You will need to install the files in a directory accessible to the webserver. A ScriptAlias /mug-cgi/ has been defined corresponding to directory /home/mug/cgi-bin/. Please create a self-named subdirectory to use for your CGI programming to avoid conflicting with other students.

  3. Verify installation by searching databases with the installed CGI. The URL should be http://servername/mug-cgi/yourdir/daybase.cgi.

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