Daylight Summer School 2001, June 5-7, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - SMARTS Practice ANSWERS

Note: The following answers are not uniquely correct. For example, "[C,c]" is exactly equivalent to "[#6]".

  1. Aliphatic carbon attached to Oxygen with any bond
  2. Non-ring atoms
  3. acylic-bonds
  4. Any carbon attached to any halogen
  5. Oxygen or nitrogen, with at least one hydrogen attached and not in a ring
  6. Oxygen double bonded to aliphatic carbon or nitrogen
  7. Oxygen double bonded to aliphatic carbon or nitrogen, single bonded to an aromatic ring, with a halogen in meta position
  8. Any aliphatic atom single-bonded to any carbon which isn't a trifluromethyl carbon

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