Daylight Summer School 2002, June 5-7 Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Administration - Lab Exercises & Answers

These notes are intended to be brief notes supplementing and outlining the course material presented in the course Introduction to Daylight. The Daylight manuals should be considered the text for the course and the authoritative documentation, and should be used in conjunction with these notes for best results!

The Daylight Installation and Administration Guide is the relevant manual for this unit.

A. Installation

  1. Licensing

  2. Getting the Software

  3. TCP/IP Services

  4. Environment Variables

  5. Web Server Configuration

  6. Automation

B. Clients & Servers

  1. Storage and Retrieval

  2. High-Speed Search

  3. SMILES and SMARTS Editor

C. Security

  1. Servers

  2. Databases

D. Customization

  1. Options


E. Databases

  1. Installation

  2. Creation

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