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Daylight Administration - Cache Options

Databases can be configured for caching in several ways to improve their performance. Caching can result in the ThorServer to "holding" some or all of a database in memory for fast access, and supplements the operating system file caching capabilities. Caching is using RAM instead of disk to improve speed and efficiency. Caching may be specified by the configuration of a database, or initiated by client request if allowed by configuration. Caching configuration specifications are normally made by thormake, thorchange, or sthorman.

The following is a description of caching options:




Note: The option CACHE_LEVEL is ignored unless CACHE_WHEN is ALWAYS.

The corresponding entries in the my_database.THOR are:

Both primary and cross-referenced data are cached by default. However, we can select either primary and cross-referenced data are caching. The options for specifying one or the other are:



The corresponding entries in the my_database.THOR are:

Note: Caching the indirect database instead of the "regular" database can result in a great performance improvement. This is especially true for databases with a large number of indirect references per TDT.

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