Daylight Summer School 2001, June 5-7, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - Compiling the contrib code -- SHOW HINTS

There is much useful code in the Daylight contrib directory, some useful as-is, and some useful as building blocks. This code also serves as examples of function usage and syntax.

  1. Let's compile one of the contrib directories. First we have to copy the files from $DY_ROOT/contrib/src/c/thor/ to your own directory, created for this purpose.

  2. Examine the makefile. Note the following:

  3. Copy the new program thordbpath.c into this directory. Modify the makefile to incorporate this program. This involves adding the program name to the all: line via the PROGS macro and adding dependency and rule lines as exist for the other programs.

  4. Now try to make thordbpath and test the program.

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