Summer School '01 MUGnet

System Administration Information

This page contains information pertaining to the Summer School computer network, MUGnet. For questions or comments, talk to a Daylight Krewe member or email Mick Kappler.

How do I connect my computer to the network?

Connect your computer to a green cable. The following DHCP IP Information table lists pertinent network parameters.

DHCP IP Information

 default route
 name server
 DHCP NAT  207.225.60.[220-222]
 static  192.168.1.[1-99]
 dynamic  192.168.1.[100-149] 
 domain name
If you have DHCP capability, go to Plan A. If you don't, go to plan B.

Plan A: Request a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Address

Plan B: Set a Static IP Address

General IP Information

 default route   none
 name server
 domain name

Specific IP Information


 Description  Operating System   IP Address
 2x 270MHz R12K IP27 2GB  Irix 6.5
 MUGprinter  Laser Writer 16/600 PS
 (backup server)
 (backup www)
 333 MHz UltraSPARC-IIi 512MB   Solaris 7
 MUGdhcp3  Linksys DHCP NAT router
 MUGdhcp2  Linksys DHCP NAT router
 MUGdhcp  Linksys DHCP NAT router

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