Summer School Network

Computing Resources and Configuration

DHCP Based network
Most students will be bringing DHCP-client laptops which will connect via 10/100BaseT NICs and thereby derive their IP and DNS configuration. Those using Daylight-leased computers may be either static-IP or DHCP.

Computers for shared use
day0 will be our main server, webserver, Daylight server, and Oracle server, and more. Other computers available for shared use as workstations are:
alamo, Sun Sparc5, for X-clients and Daylight database administration.

Other equipment for shared use

Logging in and running unix programs
Shared machines may be logged into with mug/coffee. If you are going to create files, please create a self-named subdirectory for this purpose.

X Displays
Users with X-display software on their PCs may run X applications on a shared computer and set DISPLAY to their display. Ask a lab instructor for help with this.

Toolkit programming, compilers
Login to day0 for toolkit programming.

Database administration

Hosts Table for subnet of (static IP addresses)  # network (reserved)  # router (reserved)  day0 www ftp # server	dhcp1 # serves private 192.168.1.x  dhcp2 # serves private 192.168.1.x  dhcp3 # serves private 192.168.1.x  mugnet # broadcast (reserved)