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3rd Party GUI's and Other Applications

Daylight's focus has always been more on providing cheminfo tools including programming toolkits and less on applications and complete "solutions". This approach has encouraged and fostered application development by other companies using the toolkits. Here is a partial list of companies and their relevant "Daylight-inside" products.

See also the Daylight partners page.

Accelrys (a.k.a., MSI)
Products: Diversity Explorer, MedChem Explorer, Cerius2 QSAR+ and Cerius2 Descriptor+
Applications incorporating Daylight toolkit functionality.

Barnard Chemical Information
Products: Molsmart, clustering packages, Diversity Analysis package
Convert RD files to SMARTS; alternative clustering and diversity analysis from Daylight fingerprints.

Products: ClogP for Mac and Windows
(The ClogP program is the intellectual property of BioByte Corp.)

Products: LeadPharmer
Intelligent high throughput data analysis.

Products: ChemDraw, ChemDraw Plugin
Molecular editor and depictor reads/writes SMILES including reactions.

Chemical Computing Group
Products: MOE (molecular operating environment)

Products: ChemBio, Sample Tracker, Plate Manager
Windows database clients w/ chem + bio integration.

Products: MGChem, MGBarcode, Chem32S, Registry System
Windows database clients for Thor/Merlin and DayCart. Modgraph MUG'01 talk including screen shots

Netgenics (formerly Cherwell)
Products: Chemsymphony, Metasymphony
Java-based database clients thor Thor/Merlin and DayCart, and Java beans developer API.
Netgenics MUG'01 talk including screen shots

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