Daylight Summer School 2000, June 7-9, Santa Fe, NM

Introduction, Orientation and Disclaimers

  1. Welcome to Daylight Summer School 2000 (3rd annual)!

  2. About Daylight.

  3. Why a summer school?

  4. What this course IS:

  5. What this course is NOT:

  6. Please:

  7. Who are your classmates:

  8. Computer facilities:

  9. 4.62 vs. 4.71 (summerschool version) vs. 4.71 (final version)
    We will be using a pre-release version of the Daylight 4.71 software release for this course. It may change substantially between now and release time. So, we will be teaching 4.62, and mentioning likely new 4.71 features and programs. The reason for using this pre-release version is to demonstrate very-likely and nearly-ready new features of 4.71 (e.g., JavaGrins w/ SMARTS, the Linux port, new ClogP, Daliserver).

  10. Fun stuff:

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