Daylight Summer School 2000, June 7-9, Santa Fe, NM

Daycgi Worksheet - Daylight CGI applications...SHOW HINTS

Daycgi is comprised of a set of web appications which use the tool set in the $DY_ROOT/daycgi directory. Daycgi is not a toolkit, but rather a set of utilities which enable chemical information delivery via a CGI script. For example, the shell script smi2gif generates a gif depiction from a SMILES string, which enables 2-D chemical structures to be added to web pages. See the class notes for Day 2 for information on writing your own CGI application with Daycgi tools.

  1. Lookup compounds and their assoicated data from each of the databases with daycgi interfaces (WDI, Spresi, Medchem).
  2. Lookup a datatree by name and by SMILES using Hyperthor
  3. Generate an MCL script with Wizard
  4. Generate HTML output from the command line with the MCL script from Step 3.

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