Daylight Summer School 2000, June 7-9, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - options -- WITH HINTS

Daylight applications have a unified options manager whereby options and allowed values are defined, defaults specified, and non-default values can be specified in several ways according to defined precedence.

In this exercise, you will use each of the methods of specifying an option value and verify that it works.

  1. User Profile -

    The default user profile is $HOME/dy_profile.opt. Create this file if it does not exist and add the line:


    This option specifies that xvthor shows the full datatree in the TDT Widget when one is found. Try launching xvthor and doing a TDT lookup with and without this profile entry to verify the result.

    % xvthor &

  2. System Profile -

    The system profile is by default at $DY_ROOT/etc/unix/dy_sysprofile.opt. It uses the same syntax as the user profile. This default can be overridden by $DY_SYSPROFILE. Log in as thor and copy this file to /daylight. Define $DY_SYSPROFILE to be /daylight/dy_sysprofile.opt for both users thor and mug. Add the same option specification and verify that it works.

    % su - thor
    % cp $DY_ROOT/etc/unix/dy_sysprofile.opt /daylight
    % vi .daylight
      (add line)
      setenv DY_SYSPROFILE /daylight/dy_sysprofile.opt
    % source .login
    % xvthor &

  3. Environment variables -

    With no entry for THOR_SHOW_FULLTDT in either profile, try setting environment variable $DY_THOR_SHOW_FULLTDT to TRUE and verify that this works also.

    % xvthor &

  4. Command line options -


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