Daylight Summer School 2000, June 7-9, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - DayCGI administration ...SHOW HINTS

The Daylight system has integrated web capabilities which allow access to Daylight tools via web browser. Installing, configuring, and administering these generally means:

  1. Installing or activating a webserver (httpd) on the Daylight machine.
  2. Configuring the webserver to know about the content aliases /dayhtml/ and /dayicon/ , and the script-alias /daycgi/ .
  3. Editing $DY_ROOT/daycgi/ to reflect the local environment.
  4. Installing a Java Runtime Environment (jre).
  5. Configuring the Dayutilserver (for Java tools).
  6. Installing helpers/plugins as needed (e.g., RasMol, ChemDraw plugin).

  1. Tune in your broswer to http://yourhostname/dayhtml/. This URL is a directory which should be $DY_ROOT/dayhtml/. Verify that this is so by modifying the index.html page slightly to mention that this is a temporary Summer School installation.

  2. Try some of the CGI applications linked to /dayhtml/. Note that they are in the /daycgi/ directory. Copy the sample CGI script thorls.cgi into this directory and try it by invoking this URL with the browser.

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