Daylight Summer School 2000, June 7-9, Santa Fe, NM

Daylight Worksheet - Configuring a Merlin pool ...SHOW HINTS

Configuring a Merlin pool means specifying which datafields of which datatypes are loaded by the Merlinserver. This is done by editing the datatypes database. Specifically, the _P specifier for the datatype.

This exercise will show you one way to modify the pool configuration, and observe the effect on pool size.

  1. Use a database containing the CR datatype. The usual _P (Pool Inclusion) specifier is:
    Start the xvthor application and use the File -> Show all DBs button to display and then open-writeable the datatypes database of choice.

  2. Before modifying the pool, first load the pool and record the number of "bytes for pool" reported by the log file. You may try searching this field to confirm that it is unavailable. Then release the pool.

  3. Select Identifier Datatype to be ROOT DATATYPE and look up CR.

  4. Edit the _P specifier so it is now *;*;* (add one asterisk). This instructs the Merlinserver to load the third datafield as well as the first two. Save the edited datatree.

  5. Again load the pool and examine the log file to see the change in size. Search this field using xvmerlin to verify that it is now available.

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