Presentations, arranged by speaker
(a work in progress)

Speaker Affiliation Title
Barnard, John BCI Structure query conversions
Bharadwaj, Ragu Daylight Java Widgets
CGI programming with JavaGrins
Bradshaw, John GlaxoWellcome More fun with chemical catalogs
Dalke, Andrew Bioreason Python meets Daylight
Delany, Jack Daylight Reaction transformation generators and genetic algorithms
Reentrancy and thread-safety
Dixon, Scott Metaphorics Terravivo
Defazio, Sam Oracle Chemistry in Oracle 8i
Gobbi, Alberto Novartis Using the Chemistry Cartridge
Kenny, Peter Zeneca Handling heterocyclic tautomerism
Liu, Meixiao Abbott Generic transformation storage and search
MacCuish, Norah Daylight
Daylight website tour and proposal
Contributed toolkit programs
Nicolaou, Christos Bioreason Growing SAR trees
O'Donnell, TJ O'Donnell & Assoc Daylight tools and ChemDraw plugin
Rohde, Bernd Novartis Reaction atom mapping
Swartz, Michael Cambridgesoft Linking Chemfinder and Daylight
Taitz, Yosef Daylight Welcome!
Walters, Patrick Vertex Duct tape and superglue
Weininger, Dave Daylight Orientation
Daylight/Oracle chemistry cartridge
Future directions
Wild, David Parke-Davis VisualiSAR - A web-based SAR tool
Yang, Jeremy Daylight Overview of current Daylight software
Contributed CGI programs

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