MUG '99 -- 13th Daylight User Group Meeting -- 23-26 Feb 1999

Linking Chemfinder and Daylight

Michael Swartz
Cambridgesoft Corporation, 100 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140


Daylight's Thor and Merlin structure management applications have been recognized for years as chemistry search engines that combine a rich query language with outstanding performance. Missing from this picture has been a standard, forms-based interface similar to FileMaker or ISIS/Base. As a result, many users have missed out on the value and fun of using Daylight's search engines.

Cambridgesoft Corporation has decided to integrate its well-liked ChemFinder forms package with Daylight servers. Using ChemFinder, users will be able to build their own forms and use these forms to query Daylight databases as well as other corporate data sources. Even with the recent availability of Daylight's Oracle cartridge, there is still the need for easy-to-use, powerful and robust interfaces. ChemFinder will fill this role nicely and make Daylight's servers available to a much wider variety of users.

In addition to an interface to Daylight, ChemFinder Version 6 will provide a heuristic layer on top of data structures. Essentially a "file system" for corporate data and personal, ChemFinder will allow users to navigate through the data available to them using concepts they are familiar with like "project" and "assay type." This eliminates the need to know about specific data sources or form names. It also provides a way to mingle different kinds of data sources at both a corporate and personal level. This heuristic layer, combined with ChemFinder's form functions, will provide Daylight users the freedom to explore their data in ways they have not previously enjoyed.


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