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$DY_ROOT/contrib/src/c/transform/_readme -
    * This source code is public domain, and may be freely distributed,   *
    * modified, and used for any purpose.  IT COMES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO    *
    * WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.                                               *
Programs in this directory illustrate features which support processing
of generic reactions (transforms) in the Daylight system.  Requires the
SMILES, SMARTS, and REACTION licenses to execute these programs.

   Fully enumerates a mixture, given the specification in the 'MTZ'

   Given a transform on input, applies it to molecules given on standard
   input.  Writes the generated reactions on standard output.

   Test program for transforms.  Reads commands from standard input
   (see the comments in the source file) and compares the results with
   expected results.  The files in the 'txf' directory are input for this

   Test various features of transform handling.

   Test atom map handling.

   Takes a file of transforms as the sole arguement.  Reads molecules from
   standard input, and applies the transforms exhaustively.  Writes out any
   reactions which occur on standard output.

:enumerate:Enumerates all molecules in a mixture
:tranfilter:Filter which applies a given transform to molecules
:transformtest:Formalized transform test program
:trantest1:Simple test program
:trantest2:Simple test program
:tryschemes:Applies sets of transformations exhaustively