Java Toolkit Wrapper

This wrapper provides progammatic access to the Daylight Toolkit from Java. It was created by Alberto Gobbi of Novartis Agro, Basel, Switzerland.

Thanks Alberto!


I have written a perl program which creates the Java classes and C-functions to call the Daylight Toolkit from within Java using the Java native interface. The classes generated contain all Daylight Toolkit functions (besides the program object toolkit, but thats no general problem) and all constants.


This software is "contributed" source code, hence it is public domain, and may be freely distributed, modified, and used for any purpose. IT COMES WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

This JNI interface to the Daylight Toolkit may be freely distributed as long as it is made clear that neither the author nor Novarits will be made responsible for any damage or other results caused by the usage of this code. Please keep in mind that the code was created by an algorithm and not by hand so the code is not completly tested.

Download Novartis_JDay.tar.gz Rev: 10 Sep 1998


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