Definitions of terms used in Terravivo status table
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Terms used to describe "Status of resources"

available Resource is available and up-to-date as of the last update.
Note that the currency of available resources is dependent on the Update frequency, e.g., an available resource which is updated monthly may grow as much as a month out-of-date. In any case, resources marked available were current as of the Last update time listed in the table.
building Resource is available but it is not up-to-date.
Terravivo is configured to allocate a given amount of network bandwidth to updating resources. In many cases, this means that large databases (or large updates) can not be downloaded in a single session. Terravivo will download as much as it can each day until the resource is complete and up-to-date: this is the building state. When the resource is up-to-date, it will be promoted to the available state. Note that the building state is a normal situation for many large databases; nothing is wrong, Terravivo is doing its job.
degraded Resource is available but may not be up-to-date: something's gone wrong.
When a data server is unreachable, Terravivo will attempt to complete a download by updating its routing information and trying alternate servers (if configured to do so). If successful, a note will be posted to the log and the resource state will remain unchanged. If unsuccessful, the resource is considered to be in a degraded state and a warning message will be posted. The resource may actually be out-of-date, or it may not be ... in any case, a degraded resource is not being updated as per the configuration. Given the vagaries of the Internet, it is expected that under normal circumstances, resources will be occasionally degraded for short periods of time. Corrective action should be taken if resources are degraded for more than a few days.
frozen Resource is available but is not being updated.
To minimize network requirements, resources which change infrequently (e.g., programs, completed genomes) may be frozen. To promote this resource, reconfigure it with an update frequency other than never (at which time the status will typically change to building or available).
off Resource is not available and is not being updated.
To acquire this resource, reconfigure it with an update frequency other than never (at which time the status will typically change to building).

Terms used to describe "Messages"

note Informational message describing normal operations.
Example: primary server unavailable, successful download from secondary server
warning Informational message describing abnormal operations.
Example: resource update failed
error Message describing an error in the Terravivo system itself.
Example: out of disk space