Terravivo News: 6 Jan 1999
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Terravivo 0.8 to be presented at MUG '99 in Santa Fe, NM
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The design and implementation of Terravivo 0.8 will be presented by Roger Sayle on Thursday morning, 25 February 1999 at the MUG '99 meeting. The morning presentation will focus on design and performance issues. Hands-on demonstrations will be available in the afternoon. The whole Metaphorics krewe will be on hand to answer questions and help with demonstrations.

Terravivo 0.8 is the latest (pre-release) version of the Terravivo bioinformatics fileserver. Terravivo is an intelligent robotic appliance which provides reliable, secure, up-to-date and high-performance access to large amounts of bioinformatic and genomic data. It is the first Metaphorics product offered for general consumption. The production version of this package is expected to ship as a turn-key product in mid-summer 1999. More information about Terravivo is available here.

New features in Terravivo 0.8 include:

More information about the meeting is available on the MUG '99 home page, including online registration.