MUG '98 Questionnaire

We would appreciate your feedback so we can continue to improve the meeting to serve us all better -- and have a good time doing it!
Thanks -- The Daylight Krewe.

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  1. May we include your e-mail address and phone number in the list of MUG '98 meeting attendees to be sent to all attendees?
    Yes     No    

    Location, Facilities and Meeting Format

  2. This year we had four morning sessions and three afternoon sessions (Tuesday - Friday), plus a Thursday evening hacker session. How did you like this format?
    I like it.
    I prefer afternoons free. (Gordon-style).
    I don't care.

  3. This year we had T1-Internet access. Did you find it useful?
    Yes No

  4. How did you like the Eldorado Hotel?
    Great.  Just ok.  Not much.

  5. How did you like the banquet at the ski lodge?
    Great.  Just ok.  Not much.

  6. How did you like the guest speaker, Douglas Adams?
    Great.  Just ok.  Not much.

  7. Where would you like next year's MUG meeting?
    Santa Fe  Southern California  Someplace else

    Comments on Location, Facilities and Format

    Technical Support

  8. If you have used Daylight support, were you satified with the service?
    Very satisfied  Satisfied  Unsatisfied  Very unsatisfied

  9. Response time was:
    Good  Slow

  10. Would you like to become a member of our NewsGroup?
    Yes  No  Already a member

  11. If you have installed Daylight software, was it:
    Very easy  Easy  Just ok  Difficult  Very difficult

  12. What media do you prefer for installation?
    WWW  FTP  CDROM  Tape

  13. How many people at your site would attend a "Daylight Summer School" if offered, a 2-3 day course on Daylight software held in Santa Fe?
    0  1  2  3 or more

    Comments on Technical Support

    The Daylight Web Site

  14. If you have used the web site, evaluate its effectiveness:
    Very effective  Effective  Just ok  Needs improvement

    Comments on Daylight Web Site

    Hardware Platforms

  15. What machines/OS platforms do you use, or would you like to use for Daylight software (select all that apply)?


  16. Your Internet access bandwidth is?
    Better than T1 (e.g., T3)
    Less than T1

  17. What Web Browser do you mostly use?
    Netscape 3.*
    Netscape 4.*
    Microsoft Explorer
    Lotus Notes


  18. How would you describe your current or possible Java usage (Java applets via browsers)?
    Use it a lot.
    Use it some.
    No use, but would be willing.
    No use, not willing.

    Database Integration

  19. Do you use Informix?
    Yes  Rarely  No

  20. Would you use an integrated Daylight/Informix package if available?
    Yes  No

  21. Do you use Oracle?
    Yes  Rarely  No

  22. Would you use an integrated Daylight/Oracle package if available?
    Yes  No

    In your own words...

  23. What would you like to see added to or changed in Daylight software?

  24. Any other general comments, criticism and suggestions:

    Y'all come back now...

  25. Do you expect to come again next year?
    Definitely; wouldn't miss it!
    I hope to.
    Probably not.

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