Ode to Daylight CIS, Inc.*

by Jeremy Yang
Version 2.5 (beta)
*May be sung to the tune of the "Beverly Hillbillys Theme".

Come and listen to the story of a man named Dave,
He was working at the EPA, intent the world to save.
Then one day, he was hacking on some files,
When up off the screen came the very first SMILES.

Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry System, that is -- compact and canonical!

Next thing you know, Al Leo's on the horn,
With Dave's help, CLogP is gonna be reborn.
Says California's the place you ought to be,
For awesome scuba diving, and hydrophobicity.

Now the CLogP program, was only just the start,
MedChem grew, with David's brother Art.
Arthur is a juggler, he's on his zillionth throw,
He's got more balls than you even want to know.

One day a strange thing arrived in the mail:
Money for some software, a really big sale.
The college accountants said this will never do,
So hit the road guys, and take your software too.

Now software needs hardware, like a bear needs his woods,
And a fellow named Yosi soon arrived with the goods.
Yosi is from Israel, a man of the world,
With a dangerous grin, and a natural curl.

A company was started, Daylight Software had begun.
Dave Leo joined the gang; he's Dr. Al's son,
Dave is a veteran, though his scars are fading now boys,
All ready for the rough and tumble world of software cowboys.

Next Daylight split, from a bizzare twist of fate,
Some stayed in the town LA and some went to the state.
Now that bizzare twist of fate -- Dawn is what she is called --
She's a doctor and she likes to doctor Dave best of all.

Right about this time a chap named JJ joined the krewe,
You can call him "J", "JY", or "Jeremy" will do.
After 6 months of hard training JJ said "I'm up to speed",
"I can pass 6 clubs with Art and synchronize a 3-way-feed."

In 1990 MUG was such a bon temps celebration,
That a California dude named Craig decided on migration.
With Sandy and the kids, to HP they said "Goodbye!",
To the land of gumbo, crawfish, gators, swamps and jambalaya.

In 1992 to Santa Fe we moved the store,
From low to high and wet to dry and where they check your aura.
We get the best psychic surgeons and aromatherapy drugs,
If only shamanistic healing worked on software bugs.

Jack and Liz Delany next appeared on the scene,
They moved from Rochester, where the weather's really mean.
Jack is flying planes now, he's earned his pilot's wings,
He's used to crashing software -- we hope the only things.

The month it was December, but then arrived our June,
She's charming and she's pretty and she really sings a tune,
Administratively exceptional and well endowed with words,
She's ruining our reputation as a screwy bunch of nurds.

Then Norah Shemetulskis arrived to join the krewe one day,
The Wild West called her name and she just could not delay,
The code corrallin' software cowgirl game is what she'd play,
So she loaded up the cats (and Mom) and left for Santa Fe.

Art's now in Seattle, he's there with his new bride --
Dave Leo's now with BioByte, MedChem's new joy and pride --
Craig has moved just down the street since he's been MSI-ed --
But the software keeps on growing, taking us all for a ride.
With networks reaching out around the world so very wide,
With Internet and WWW there's no place left to hide.

Daylight Inc. says we make the net work for chemistry,
But the net is us and we're the net in holistic harmony.
So take my hand and click my mouse and off we'll go exploring,
It may be weird, it may be strange, but it ain't gonna be boring.