MUG '98 -- 12th Annual Daylight User Group Meeting -- 24 February 1997

Data management in biotechnology

Integration of Relational Databases, the Daylight CGI and Document Libraries into a Graphical User Interface for the Management of Research and Inventories in the Biotechnology Industry

Pat McGreevy, Paul Dembry and Niklas Back
DataAspects Inc., 210 Three Cent Flat Rd, Glencoe, CA 95232


The Biotechnology Industry is confronted with the unique problem of integrating textual and numeric data with chemical data. We have developed a library of functions that call applications running on network servers to retrieve diverse types of data and organize it into GUI applications that satisfy the needs of the research biologists, chemists, inventory staff. These data are retrieved through simultaneous connections to any of a dozen relational databases and displayed with 2d chemical structures from the Daylight CGI inside a single GUI window. The Daylight CGI is also used to run GRINS and structure searches, to get Thor Data Trees, and to generate 3d coordinates for RasMol which is just a click away. Of major importance is the ability to merge Daylight data from structure searches with biological data from relational databases to produce SAR applications. Lists of structures can be formatted into HTML documents on "the fly" and displayed/printed from the client browser. Similarily, HTML and PDF reports can be copied from remote severs for display the local browser and Acrobat Reader.


Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.