MUG '97 Presentations
by Speaker

(a work in progress)

Name Affiliation Title HTML
Austin, Kevin Merck & Co. The Missing (Mer)link abstract
Barnard, John BCI Using Markush structure techniques to avoid enumeration in analysis of large combinatorial libraries abstract
Bharadwaj, Ragu Daylight Daylight Java interfaces and toolkit  
Blankley, John Parke-Davis Molecular Diversity - A Shell Game? Experiments in Measuring Molecular Diversity abstract
Bradshaw, John Glaxo Wellcome Introduction to the Tversky similarity measure paper
Clark, Matt ISI Chemical and Reaction databases from ISI abstract
Claus, Brian Merck & Co. Of frequencies and fingerprints abstract
Critchlow, Roger Chiron DayTcl and CexTcl -- toolkits and the tool command language  
Cross, Gez Derwent WDI database abstract
Cross, Kevin CAS SciFinder/Gemini  
Delany, Jack Daylight Named Properties paper
Reaction Overview paper
Reaction Toolkit paper
Doman, Tom Searle Mister Rogers: A Web Application for Nearest Neighbor Searching abstract
Germeia, John DuPont-Merck The Use of Sub-Templates and Super-Templates in Drug Discovery abstract
Hahn, Matt MSI WebLab/CombiChem abstract
Labute, Paul CCG Integration of Daylight tools in MOE, The Molecular Operating Environment abstract
Lagerstedt, Ingvar Oxford Molecular Diva/Thor abstract
McGreevy, Pat Walter Reed Integration of Text, Image, and Chemistry Databases on GUI Clients Designed for Drug Discovery and Development  
Miller, Michael Merck & Co. Mixing Daylight abstract
O'Donnell, TJ O'Donnell & Assoc. Mister Rogers: A Web Application for Nearest Neighbor Searching abstract
Rohde, Bernhard Novartis Gemini at Novartis  
Poor man's synthesis planning: Reaction Toolkit for Reaction Type Analysis abstract
Shemultulskis, Norah Daylight Daylight's information resources  
Taitz, Yosi Daylight Collaborations  
Weininger, David Daylight Thor and Merlin systems in Release 4.5 paper
Example database creation paper
New projects paper
Yang, Jeremy Daylight Overview of Daylight Software Release 4.5  

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