Mug '97:  4.5 Thor and Merlin systems

There are quite a few changes to Thor/Merlin systems in the 4.51 release, most of which are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The major visible changes provide support for reactions and live CD-ROM databases. The following list describes most changes which will be visible to database users and managers - but, please - check the readme files supplied with the distribution for an authoritative list (as always).

Thor datatree quoting is now uniformly enforced.

Thorserver got smarter about datatrees and garbage collection.

Thorload offers automatic indirect key generation

Reaction normalizations

New Thor normalization: component-tuples


Reaction fingerprints

Difference fingerprints

Reaction searching

Tversky similarity search

MCL (Merlin Control Language) interface updated

Alternative Thor database file suffixes

Relative database pathnames in .THOR file

"Readonly" Thor databases are supported

"Live" Thor CD-ROM databases are supported

Non-identifiers can be cross-referenced

New "thorfilters" program: thordbinfo

Lone hydrogens removed from GRAPHs

Monomer table caching

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