Display Properties check box

When you enter a structure into the List of Search Compounds, Neighbor_Search makes available a number of properties for that compound. You may choose to see a table of the properties by checking the properties box and pressing the Redisplay button at the bottom of the List of Search Compounds display area. Not all properties are available for every compound. Properties are never computed or displayed for compounds appearing in the neighbor results section.

The properties are:

clogPThe computed octanol/water partition coefficient
error-clogPPossible error or warning number in clogP calculation
measured_logPThe measured logP, if available
cmrThe computed molar refractivity
error-cmrPossible error or warning number in cmr calculation
heavy_atomsThe number of heavy atoms in the structure
hetero_atomsThe number of heteroatoms in the structure
heavy_bondsThe number of bonds between heavy atoms
chargeThe overall charge on the molecule
charged_atomsThe number atoms which are charged
ringsThe total number of rings in the structure
aro_ringsThe number of aromatic rings in the structure
formulaThe molecular formula
formula_wtThe computed formula, or molecular weight
volumeThe estimated molecular volume (coming soon)
ABEThe Andrews' Binding Energy of the structure (coming soon)