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With all the powerful tools becoming available to manipulate chemical structures and the data associated with them, there is a growing need for good quality to data for these tools to work on. The World Drug Index, produced by Derwent Information and formatted and distributed by Daylight, amongst others, is one such database. This presentation will look at the content and source of the data in WDI, to hopefully show how it is such a valuable source of information for those involved in developing and marketing new drugs.

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World Drug Index - Sources

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World Drug Index - Conferences

A good variety of conferences will be covered in 1997, from a wide range of countries, including:

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The searchable fields include

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World Drug Index - Lite

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World Drug Index - HTML version

Example searched in the WDI95 demo database showing several data fields and the simplified interface: terfenadine

World Drug Index - HTML versions

For more information on the Derwent World Drug Index, contact:

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