New functions for named properties:

dt_proptype(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_Integer type

Returns the type of the property set for the given object. Values are DX_PROP_BOOLEAN, DX_PROP_HANDLE, DX_PROP_INTEGER, DX_PROP_REAL, DX_PROP_STRING. The value returned depends on the last value set for the named property.

If the property has not been set for an object, returns DX_PROP_NOPROP.

This function is needed primarily to determine if a returned value of (FALSE, NULL_OB, 0, NULL) for a property is valid. If the proptype matches the property value asked for, then the value is valid. If not, then the value returned is an error indication.

dt_propnames(dt_Handle ob) => dt_Handle sos

Returns a sequence of strings (newly-allocated) which contain the names of all of the properties set for the object. Both the string objects and the sequence are owned by the caller.

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