New functions for named properties:

dt_boolean(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_Boolean value
dt_handle(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_Handle value
dt_integer(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_Integer value
dt_real(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_Real value
dt_string(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name) => dt_String value

Returns the value of the named property which has been set for an object. If no value has been set for the named property, or if the property with the given name isn't of the appropriate type, returns FALSE, NULL_OB, 0, 0, invalid string, respectively.

In the case of a string, the string is owned by the toolkit.

dt_setboolean(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name, dt_Boolean value) => dt_Boolean ok
dt_sethandle(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name, dt_Handle value) => dt_Boolean ok
dt_setinteger(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name, dt_Integer value) => dt_Boolean ok
dt_setreal(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name, dt_Real value) => dt_Boolean ok
dt_setstring(dt_Handle ob, dt_String name, dt_String value) => dt_Boolean ok

Sets the value of the named property for an object. If a property with the same name already exists for the object (even if it is a different property type), the new property type and value replaces the old one.

For a string property, the toolkit stores a copy of the given string.

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