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Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts (cont.)

Issues in diversity

Types of structural diversity

Small (< ca. 500) datasets of practical interest

Other small datasets

Questions of a structural diversity measure

Questions for a given dataset

Possibilities for quantitation

Some proposed database diversity measures


Diversity measures and modal fingerprints

Extend threshold analysis

Relative vs. absolute

Other measures derived from bits or similarities

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Principal Components (n = 23, k = 18)

Rotated Factor Pattern (dissimilarities and ln)

Datasets Plotted vs. First Two Rotated Factors

Datasets plotted vs. mean modal dissimilarity (t=0.5) and average # bits


mean centr_dist



Conclusions to date


Correlations among diversity measures (n = 23)

Correlations (cont.)

Datasets plotted vs. mean pairwise dissimilarity and average # bits

Datasets plotted vs. mean centroid distance and average # bits

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