Spresi95 Database

Chemical Literature Reference


The All-Union Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the Academy of Science of the USSR (VINITI) in Moscow, and the Central Information Processing for Chemistry (ZIC) in Berlin have since 1975 abstracted widely from the world's chemical literature to maintain this database. This data has only recently been made available to the west by InfoChem GmbH. Spresi95 consists of data gathered from 1975-1990, and consists of 3.2 million substances with 2.5 million structures, 630,000 stereoisomers, over 3 million journal article references, and over 1 million patents, and 1.3 million property data. Data were abstracted from approximately 1000 journals, and also patents, books, and other sources. The size of Spresi95 makes Daylight software uniquely suited to handle it. Thor can provide fast lookup capability, and with sufficient RAM, search over the entire database can be completed in seconds.