ChemReact96 Database

ChemSynth96 Database

Infochem GmbH


ChemReact is a 390,000 reaction subset of the Spresi reaction database. ChemReact includes all of the approximately 470,000 individual molecules which appear as components of the reactions. It includes journal reference, yield and condition information for the 390,000 reactions. The database was subsetted from approximately two million reactions in Spresi based on novelty, general interest, and synthetic utility.

ChemSynth is a 100,000 reaction subset of ChemReact. ChemSynth further restricts the criteria for selection regarding utility. The reactions in ChemSynth are the subset of ChemReact which have at least two examples of the reaction type. In addition, ChemSynth contains all of the approximately 170,000 molecules cited in the reactions.