Training Session:
DayCart Program Objects

Daylight will be offering an informal training session on the afternoon of Wednesday March 9th, 2005. The training will be held in the Marius Room of the Coronado Island Resort Marriott

The content is intermediate in nature and is designed for an audience with some familiarity with Daylight and programming languages. The material will culminate in a lesson in the implementation of Program Objects using DayCart.


12:00 Lunch at La Riviera Pool
1:10 Welcome and Introduction
1:15 The Daylight Toolkit
Overview of the Toolkit
2:30 Supported Functions & Contributed Code
Toolkit Functions
"Contrib" Programs and Libraries
2:50 Code Detail: Producing Chiral Isomers
3:00 Coffee Break
3:15 Introduction to DayCart
Functions, Operators and Indexes
Program Objects in DayCart
4:00 Code Detail: Producing Chiral Isomers from within Oracle
PipeTalk Version of chiralify.c
SQL procedure and trigger
4:10 Discussion, Q&A and Optional Hands-On